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ANYCUBIC 3D Printer Resin

Safest And Most Eco Friendly Plastic Material, 500G) ; Features : Safer And Ultralow Odor : We Use Only The Highest Quality, That'S Why We Use Only The Highest Quality, High Precision And Quick Curing For Lcd 3D Printing (Clear, Safest And Most Eco

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  • What buyers say about ANYCUBIC 3D Printer Resin

    The print quality is predictably good, even at this price point, and most 405nm UV SLA printers should work perfectly with this resin.

    The price is high, but not everyone might need to use it, and depending on how much you value the safety aspect, ductility/strength/accuracy of the parts, and the low volatility/odor of your prints, that extra few dollars may or may not be worth it.

    The picture of a print I made with this is not perfect but I think it gives me a good idea of what I'm looking for in a print, because I'm still learning about the curing portion of it and I think this gave me the detail I was looking for on this

    The claims that the resin is safer than other products are based on material science, but I think they are valid if they say that it is less volatile than other products.

    I don't smell it, but I can easily see it when I'm in the same room as the printer, and it doesn't bother me at all.

    Common Questions


    What are the recommended settings for phrozen transfrom if I use this Resin?


    I can tell you for my photon, I set it to; layer height.05, bottom layer count 8, exposure 10, bottom exposure 70, light off delay 6.5, bottom light off delay 6.5, bottom lift distance 6.5, and bottom lift distance 5.


    Is there a way to post a datasheet of this material?


    There is data safety information on their website.


    There is no website where I can find the sds for this.


    You can message us directly through Amazon, and we will send you the report.


    Is it possible to mix this with other not plant based resins?


    It will probably work as long as they both are 405nm.


    What does it mean to be non-toxic?


    I would guess that in this case skin-safe means it won't cause strong reactions in most people if their skin comes into contact with it.

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