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ELEGOO ABS-Like 3D Printer Resin LCD UV-Curing Resin

Elegoo Abs-Polymer 3D Printer Resin Lcd Uv-Curing Resin 405Nm Standard Photo Resin For Lcd 3D Printing Clear Blue 1000G

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  • What buyers say about ELEGOO ABS-Like 3D Printer Resin LCD UV-Curing Resin

    I bought my first printer after 3 years of FDM printing and although I don't have a reference to compare it to, I can say the quality is excellent, the print quality is great, and the wash and cure process is even though I don't have a reference to compare

    I just got my mars 2 printer and it's printing really well, but it won't stick to the bed of the printer and will pop off onto the fep at the bottom, it can get very detailed prints and overall I'm very happy with it.

    I try not to overcure in smaller pieces because it can be brittle, and I try to keep my printing room at 80 degrees F.

    I just got my first printer 1.5 weeks ago, and I was wondering what starter material would work best out of the bottle.

    The replacement bottle was perfect, and customer service was helpful during the replacement process, so if you want to chance it, you may get beautiful and clear prints at a cheaper price.

    Common Questions


    Is there a better way to clean the print than using ipa? When cleaning it with ipa it turns foggy.


    You can use a soft bristled toothbrush to make sure you get the uncured resin out of the small details in the first bath.


    Is the cured resin flexible for printing miniatures? The current Anycubic resin I am using is too brittle.


    I had a similar issue with my prints, but using the ABS-Like Resin helped and made sure that I was not overcuring the final print.


    I want to make jewelry with it, but I don't have a 3d printer. Can I use it to make it?


    You could use an object that is 3d printed to produce a silicone mold, which you could later pour cheaper epoxies into.


    How do I adjust my exposure settings for black?


    It is difficult for the light source to pass through deep colors like black, so you need to increase the exposure time, and each layer followed as 15s if you are printing.


    How much resin will be used for the 12 inch character?


    It's difficult to say as each model is its own, but my advice is to use Meshmixer to hollow out your model to a 3mm thickness, which will save you ALOT of resin and a higher chance of falling odd the build plate.

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