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ELEGOO Water Washable 3D Printer Resin

Elegoo Water Washable 3D Printer Resin, Lcd 3D Printing Clear Red 1000G, Rapid Lcd Resin 405Nm Uv Curing Standard Photopolymer Resin

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  • What buyers say about ELEGOO Water Washable 3D Printer Resin

    I have been using the clear blue for a while now, and it has made some wonderful prints, so I will probably keep using it.

    It is still very rigid even after curing, and it feels like it could survive more of a drop than my previous one.

    This is a video that you can watch on your computer, tablet, or mobile device, and it's very easy to use.

    It is the Overall Top Pick and it is capable of the same ultra fine detail. I am not disappointed in the slightest.

    The brand I like the most is the one that dries quickly and is less oily than the phrozen equivalent.

    Common Questions


    What should be the settings for any photon?


    If you want to calculate this, you can use the recommended settings for your resin on the Ameralabs site.


    What is the maximum temperature for the cured resin?


    The heat deflection temperature is close to 80.


    Do you recommend a way to dispose of the water with the Cleanup?


    I rinse my prints in a bucket of water, then I go to an Ultrasonic cleaner with a mix of water and Mr. Clean, and do a final rinse in cool, running water for a minute or two.


    Will it work with Formlabs Form2?


    Yes. It can work with the Formlabs printer.


    I'm a new to 3d printing and I'm wondering if this water washable resin will work with my printer.


    It's good to make sure to test your printer to make sure you get the right settings for it, as different resins react differently to different printers.

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