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eSUN 405nm LCD 3D Printer Rapid Resin UV Curing Resin PLA Plant-Based

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  • What buyers say about eSUN 405nm LCD 3D Printer Rapid Resin UV Curing Resin PLA Plant-Based

    I went for the method of over curing as I knew they would be post processed anyway, and so far no complaints, there is a slight smell to the resin but nothing major, although I have no comparative because all I have used is this type.

    I really didn't believe the reviews about the bottle, but the first positives are that the resin is solid, prints well, and it is very low odor compared to most and well priced alternatives.

    The quality of the resin prints seems to be excellent, but I noticed that it smells worse than other ones I have used that aren't "environmentally friendly".

    The bottle lid was sharp, I ripped my gloves opening it a few times, and the colour is nice, as I had only one failed print from the whole bottle.

    It's not even a smell to the palant based resin, it's more resistant against breaking, so will buy again.

    Common Questions


    Does it have a distinctive smell?


    I had to take my 3D printer to work after a single test print because the smell was so bad.


    Why isn't this shipped to California?


    We suggest you choose another shipping service because the one you choose can't satisfy Amazon shipping time.


    What exposure settings should I use for any photon?


    The normal exposure time is 9-11s, the bottom exposure time is 40-60s.


    Is the bottle good for the environment?


    We don't recommend to store other material.


    Is there a good setting for the Creality Ld-002H printer?


    see more You can take following parameters for LD-002R: Printing layer thickness: 0.025-0.05mm Number of Bottom Layers: 3-6 Normal explosure time : 6-9.

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