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Monoprice Rapid UV 3D Printer Resin 250ml - Black

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6.64 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • What buyers say about Monoprice Rapid UV 3D Printer Resin 250ml - Black

    It was difficult to get the light supports to stick and I had to use heavy loads to make it work. It also had a rubber like consistency after curing, which I really didn't like.

    The bottle I purchased was straight from Monoprice, it was terrible, after many successful prints with Anycubics line of resin.

    It is easy to print with and clean up, but it is a light almond almost "fleshy" color, and the resins did not seem to separate much.

    Common Questions


    Is this compatible with a Moonray?


    However, bottom exposure, bottom layer, lift time, and general exposure time is what it's supposed to be used for.


    Will it work with Formlabs Form1/1+ printers?


    It's possible to use this one with Formlabs printers, but you need to find one of the pre loaded profiles.


    Will it work with the xyzprinting noble 1.0a?


    You can buy Noble 1.0 for about the same price as any other photon. 0.025mm possible.


    I am looking for a transparent material. Is it clear?


    A solid print won't see through, but small objects are better.


    Will it work with Anycubic photon?


    I tried all the suggestions, and the resin won't stick to the build plate.

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