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NOVA3D 3D Printer Resin 405nm LCD Rapid Resin Standard Photopolymer Resin

Low Odor Nova3D Photopolymer 3D Resin, 3D Printing, The Print Quality, Nova3D 3D Printer Resin

Created with Raphaël
H&F Rating 95 reviews
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What We Like

  • Features lower nova3D photopolymer resin that reduces the smell of the liquid
  • Compatible for most LCD DLP 3D printers
  • UV curing resin high-quality pigments inside makes the print works show bright and stunning color effect


  • may produce yellow tint

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  • What buyers say about NOVA3D 3D Printer Resin 405nm LCD Rapid Resin Standard Photopolymer Resin

    I have had no issues with Jasco denatured alcohol, it feels like polycarbonate, but I have tried other paints and it has stuck great.

    We have been using this product for a few months now and have been really impressed with the results we have seen. We would like to try the other product from NOVA3D.

    The lid takes away 99% of the smell when it is put on. Its very runny which is a good thing and can flow into the FEP spaces during lift very quickly.

    I like the way it looks, but the item I printed with it doesn't have very small objects that can break off easily, so I'm going to put a light under it and see what happens.

    The blue is rich and deeper in color than other blue resins and I love that I was able to use this on a 3D printer.

    Common Questions


    Does the white stay white after it cures?


    It takes on a dark brown tone when cured under a UV light, and it doesn't stay clear like the manufacturer says.


    What are the best print settings for rapid resin?


    The better bottom exposure time is 25-30s, normal exporsure time is 6-8s, and the thickness of layer is 0.05mm.


    Is it easy to color this resin?


    If it doesn't already have a pigment then it should be colored with resin dyes.


    Is this resin good enough to make large prints in my Phrozen Transform?


    It can work with more of a printer's type, but further print setting need to be adjusted by the printer setting.


    Is it castable?


    No, you should look for a castable resin under sarya tec.

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