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PHROZEN 3D Printer Rapid Aqua Blue Resin

Phrozen 3D Printer Rapid Aqua Blue Resin, 405Nm Lcd Uv Curing Photopolymer Resin, Easy To Print, And Fast Printing (1Kg), Low Shrinkage, High Precision Printing

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What We Like

  • Comes with low shrinkage and high precision that makes it ideal for precise parts
  • Easy to print and is easily post-processed due to its low viscosity
  • Designed to reduce forming time without any impact on its quality


  • may have unpleasant odor

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  • What buyers say about PHROZEN 3D Printer Rapid Aqua Blue Resin

    Solid parts are not brittle if properly post cured, they have a nice weight, and prints super fast, but it is not a good model for light supports or over exposed.

    It also caused issues with models that print in multiple parts, as over exposing them to stop failures, causes them to not fit together.

    I have been using this printer for a few months now and I have to say that it is a very good printer, it is very easy to set up and run, and it is very easy to clean.

    I'm not sure how long it takes to make a 50% Siraya Flex Resin, but I know that it will last, so maybe 21% will be alright as well.

    The details are great and the fast curing is great, I am using a mars 2 Pro at 2 Sec times.

    Common Questions


    How do you care for the finished figures?


    It doesn't hurt to use a second wash, with fresh alcohol.


    Is it possible to use it for mouth contact once printed?


    I would not use it for a cup - but I would be willing to use it for a can holder.


    Is it possible to use this on my basic photon? I get some weird problems when I try to use it.


    Yes, it's for 405nm machines.Sounds like you have bigger issues than just the resin you are using.


    How will this 4k resin work on a 2k printer?


    I use it with all my printers, Mars Pro, Pro +, and Phozens Mini 4k, Mighy 4K and there Mega 8.


    Will it work with Elegoo printers?


    Yes. I use it for my M2P and Saturn's, and it's my preferred resin.

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