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SainSmart 101-90-840TS Rapid UV 405nm 3D Printer Resin

General Purpose Photopolymer Curing Resin, 3D Printer Resin, 3D Lcd Printing, 1000G Transparent, The Print Quality

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We analyzed 8,088 reviews for 46 products in the 3D Printing Liquid category.

We then analyzed 49 reviews for this product. Of these, 2 reviews were recent.

Around 65% of reviews were positive and about 31% were negative.

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8.03 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Color
  • Easy to use
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Packaging
  • Portion size
  • Quality of material
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about SainSmart 101-90-840TS Rapid UV 405nm 3D Printer Resin

    I have been using this product for a few months now and have been really impressed with the quality of the product and the customer service that I have received.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review and if it helped you make a decision about this product please let me know by taking a quick moment of your time to vote it helpful so I can keep track of my most helpful reviews.

    The packaging was not damaged, I guess it was dropped in the warehouse.

    The SainSmart Rapid UV 405nm 3D Printer Resin for 3D LCD Printing has been reviewed and our son uses it to create a 3D chess set.

    I used the recommended settings instead of the default one for my first printing on my Any Photon Mono.

    Common Questions


    Is this orange resin transparent at 1mm thickness?


    Light can illuminate the plastic but one can't see through it.


    Can water be washed?


    They have some water washable grey resin, but this one is not that one.


    Is it possible that this resin would work with the Elegoo mars?


    It should work in theory, but you may have to adjust exposure times to get the best results.


    Does the printed object turn yellow over time, like with other transparent resins?


    If you're using yellow it'll be yellow right away, if you're using blue it'll be blue.


    What is the best temperature to print at?


    The room the printer is working in should be between 60F and 95F degrees, which is 15C to 35C, because this isn't a material that you print using a heated nozzle.

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