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Siraya Tech Simple 3D Printer Resin

The Print Quality, The Lcd Projector, Low Alcohol, 3D Printing Resin, Super Easy To Clean And Print Lcd Uv Curing Resin, The 3D Printer

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What We Like

  • Easy to use and dye makes it suitable for new user operation
  • Simple UV 3d printing resin is more suitable for beginners to print simple models and figures
  • Produces little order in the 3D printing process and is not unpleasant


  • Resin may warp after it's printed

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9.37 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • Easy to use
  • Overall satisfaction
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  • Quality of material
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Siraya Tech Simple 3D Printer Resin

    The 50% mix was a bit sticky after the wash/rinse and I didn't see a significant difference in subjective toughness compared with the 30% mix.

    The transparent look is due to the fact that the screen has a few small pieces that are visible. It is solved by a clear coat.

    I am able to shorten the exposure time by .5-1 second, if the layer thickness is more than that, so that I can speed up printing for me.

    I think I'm getting the best prints I've ever had with my Elegoo Mars. I'm able to trim down the exposure time by half a second, so that speeds up printing for me.

    It's a great deal, and I only have to use 15% alcohol for cleaning my prints.

    Common Questions


    The bottle says to use 95% alcohol, but it's listed as being used with 15%.


    We will fix it in for the future shipment thanks for pointing it out.


    Do you plan to launch it in white?


    We will look into it, likely grey color first.


    What is the HDT of this type of resin?


    The HDT of this resin can be found at the below link.


    None of your setting instructions have settings for the Any Monocubic X, will that be updated anytime soon, or does someone already have settings?


    If you want to dial in your exposure and other settings for your environment, I suggest running a resin calibration test print.


    Is there an information sheet for this type of resin?


    There is information and recommendations for all of the resins on the website.

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