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Siraya Tech Tenacious 3D Printer Resin Flexible 405nm UV-Curing Resin

High Impact Resistance Standard Photopolymer Resin, 3D Printer Resin Flexible, Lcd Dlp 3D Printing

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What We Like

  • High impact resistance and toughness makes the printed model not fragile and can withstand accidental drops from time to time
  • Acts as an additive to increase the strength and elasticity of other resins
  • Extremely high toughness allows the printed thin objects to be bent 180 without breaking


  • may have an unpleasant odor

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  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Siraya Tech Tenacious 3D Printer Resin Flexible 405nm UV-Curing Resin

    The cost makes it very expensive to just use it on its own, as well as making my D&D and war gaming minis superdurable. This makes my D&D and war gaming minis superdurable, this also will help supports way stronger and will actually result in less failures

    I will throw the models against the wall if you mix it with your normal stuff.

    I usually use this only with another resins and it will work great if you mix it with Tenacious.

    I found that my other resins were very brittle and would often break if mishandled poorly. I used a mix of Siraya Tenacious with 4 parts Elegoo Abs-like Rapid Grey to create my prints.

    I use Tenacious to take a little bit of the brittleness out of my miniatures and it works great, worth the extra cost since I am only using it for 10% of my production.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible to mix this with Elegoo gray resin to add durability?


    I typically mix around 30% tenacious and get 32mm minis with flexible swords that bend enough for kids to play roughly with them.


    Does the resin smell as strong as other flexible resins?


    We have not had any complains about the smell, it's subjective, but we did not put flagrance in Tenacious as we did in Blu.


    Is it possible to mix with Elegoo water washable resin?


    It's normal to mix resins, but I think you could not clean the prints with just water because it's a strong resin.


    Does this work with any printers?


    You can check out the homepage for settings and also have a group on Facebook for support if needed.


    What parameters work for Elegoo mars users who mix tenacious into their regular resin?


    It is hard to tell which is the "regular" the way you guess mixture's exposure is by calculating the weighted average of the mix, so if 30% tenacious printing at 12s and 70% of another resin that prints at 8s, then a good spot to try.

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