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EasiLife 10 Pairs 3D Glasses - Red and Cyan Anaglyph, White Multipack

Uses 3D Glasses, Easilife 10 Pairs 3D Glasses Red And Anaglyph, White Multipack, 3D (Red And Cyan) Viewing, 3D Glasses Red And Anaglyph

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What We Like

  • Comes in a plastic pouch that protects it from any scratches
  • Foldable and lightweight designt makes it easy to carry and store
  • Features red and cyan lenses that allows for better 3D viewing


  • may not fit adults

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  • Common Questions


    Is it good to use this with a home projector?


    Yes. If the images you project were produced in 3-D, they are also called anaglyphic images or anaglyphs.


    Do these glasses work with a mac display?


    My experience is that the red filter is too strong. I would suggest finding a better option.


    Is it possible to request only the red colour lens for an art project?


    I don't know if it's possible to make all red lens with cardboard frames.


    Is it possible that these work with 3d pictures?


    They work with anaglyph images in red and cyan.


    What is the material used to make the frame?


    The frame of the glasses was made from hard paper.

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