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Jtshy 50 Pairs - FLAT- 3D Glasses

Your 3D Experience, 3Dstereo Glasses, 3D Glasses, Cyan White Frame Anaglyph Cardboard, 50 Pairs Flat 3D Glasses Red, A Low Cost Solution

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What We Like

  • The glasses can be used for either red left or red right depending on which way you fold
  • White cardboard frames offers a low-cost solution of all anaglyph needs
  • Compact size allows easy storage and carrying


  • may not give 3D effect

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  • Common Questions


    How much is it worth 300 or 500?


    I ordered 50 pairs and they were good enough for the kids and 3d movies, and for making 3D comics.


    Is it possible to watch 3D movies in 3D?


    Yes. If the 3-D movies are displayed as anaglyph 3-D images.


    Colorists want to make sure the color is ok. Are these decent quality?


    The paper was heavy enough to handle the abuse of a 5 year old at a party.


    Will they work during the total eclipse this month?


    Yes, they'll work until you go blind. You can only use special glasses which in effect let you watch a reflection.


    Is it possible to watch 3d movies on labtop or tv?


    Most 3D content that can be viewed in a tv uses a pair of glasses.

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