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Art3d Plant Fiber Textured 3D Wall Panels for Interior Wall Decor, 33 Tiles 32 Sq Ft

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What We Like

  • Features dimension of 11.8x11.8 inches that can cover up to 32 square feet
  • Suitable for living room, bedroom, bedroom and kitchen ,ceiling and more
  • Comes in a pack of 33 that makes it cost-effective


  • may not be self adhesive

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9.05 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • Durability
  • Easy to install
  • What buyers say about Art3d Plant Fiber Textured 3D Wall Panels for Interior Wall Decor, 33 Tiles 32 Sq Ft

    I am giving this product a 4 stars, but I was not happy with the box I ordered because it was a completely different color than the other one, so if there wasn't painted it wouldn't beicable.

    I was looking forward to putting these on my ceiling because they are not flexible and they look great, but they are a good price compared to some of the other 3-D type tiles and they go up easy with glue.

    I am very happy with the purchase and will post photos later.

    The accent wall was painted first with rustoleum spray paint and then we used a standard caulking gun and clear multi-purpose construction adhesive to apply the panels, which were recommended to us by a Lowe's employee.

    I highly recommend this product for walls where you will be sure that it won't get damaged, as it will push the glue out as you adhear to the wall.

    Common Questions


    Is there a chance that these would provide sound proof on a wall that my neighbor is building?


    They absorb sound a bit, but if it even absorbed 5db, I wouldn't be surprised.


    Is it possible to use latex paint on these?


    I don't have panels installed yet but will be painting them with latex paint to match the rest of the room.


    What is the thickness from back to front?


    The material is 1mm thick, the height of the pattern is about 1" from back to front, and the hollow pattern comes on the back.


    Can I use a drill to get a hole in the panel to the wall behind it to hang wall art or mirrors?


    It's very easy to drill holes over the panel and fix the holder.


    Is it possible to use over the popcorn ceiling?


    I would first remove the popcorn, then use thick silicone or instant bond constriction adhesive to adjust the evenness of the ceiling tiles, so they are all the same depth.

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