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Art3d Textures 3D Wall Panels White Diamond Design Pack

Come In Box Of 12 Panels, Easy Diy, Light Weight And Fire Resistant, Premium Quality Pvc 3D Wall Panels, Cover 32 Square Feet, Size: 19.7" X 19.7" (500Mm*500Mm)

Created with Raphaël
H&F Rating 256 reviews
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What We Like

  • Ideal for living room , bedroom , kitchen room ,ceiling and more
  • Come in box of 12 panels that cover up to 32 square feet
  • The panels are lightweight and fire resistant that allows convenient usage


  • may not be sound-proof

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  • What buyers say about Art3d Textures 3D Wall Panels White Diamond Design Pack

    I don't understand why they tell you to start from the center of the wall if there isn't a pattern.

    I put them on a floating wall and double side taped them to 7 vertical boards because I was in an apartment and it made it a little odd, but I will fix it later.

    I put them on each corner and in the middle, and it works well. I originally intended on covering a whole wall, but after seeing how many of them look behind my computer desk, I left it at that.

    These are pretty good quality, but I think they are a little pricey, but I think they are easy to work with.

    I believe that the people who have had issues have not used the right materials for the job.

    Common Questions


    How do you attach them to the wall?


    If you get 10 rolls of 3M car tape, it will cover 12 panels on all sides.


    I don't want to damage the paint/drywall as I'm a renter, so what's the best way to apply this without using glue?


    I have a shelf in my restoom that I use for bottles of cologne and no issues, just use 3M velcro strips like the ones sold for photo frames.


    Does the double-sided tape last a long time?


    No paint, no sanding, and your wall needs to be virgin, that's why I have mine up with the mounting Velcro that holds up to 20 lbs.


    I found some outlets that looked like the extender on your picture, but they didn't look like the one you have in your picture. Can someone tell?


    I bought Wiremold Plastic Nonmetallic Raceway, Extending Power, On-Wall Extra Deep Box, White, NMW35 instead.


    Is the total of 32 sqm for each panel or 12 panels?


    A total of 32SqFt is what it is.

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