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Weekend Walls - Reclaimed Weathered Redwood - DIY Easy Peel and Stick Wood Wall Paneling

Our Environmentally Friendly Wood, Weathered Redwood, 100 % Natural Redwood Time Worn Boards, Outside Corner Trim, Great Install Instructions

H&F Rating 92 reviews
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What We Like

  • Wood planks are VOC free to protect indoor air quality
  • Self-adhesive allows to peel and stick easily and allows easy installation
  • Made with natural redwood that protects from rain, sun and snow


  • may be thin

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  • What buyers say about Weekend Walls - Reclaimed Weathered Redwood - DIY Easy Peel and Stick Wood Wall Paneling

    They stick well and leave no room for changing your mind once you put a piece on the wall.

    The wood is beautiful, and makes for a very rustic look, which is what I liked the most about this project.

    I like to cut the boards with the finished side down to eliminate splintering. I was able to install myself on a Sunday while hubby was out of town.

    The boards are staying in place 2 weeks after I installed, despite my dislike of the color of the boards.

    If you want the look of these walls, paint them dark gray and dry fit your plank before removing the backing.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible to install this over a painted cement block wall that is in a good shape?


    I think it's possible, but you'll have to find some good glue.


    Will the corner pieces adhere to the round wall corners?


    The Weekend Walls corner trim is shaped at a 90 degree angle and will not adhere to a rounded corner.


    How many boxes would I need if I had a wall that was 5' high by 15' long?


    2 boxes of 40 square feet should cover it. If you want to be safe order an extra 10 square feet to cover for cuts and scraps.


    Will it work to put this on the inside of a garage door?


    It would be great if you could send over some photos of the space you will be working with, so that we can better weigh on this matter.


    Is it okay to put it around a gas fireplace wall?


    This is a safe product to accent a gas fireplace, provided the range is encased in glass.

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