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5 Count 3V Lithium CR1225 Battery for Oral Thermometers

Low Battery Power, 5 Count 3V Lithium Cr1225 Battery, Applicable Device Pkcell 3V Lithium Battery Ideal, 5 Year Shelf Life Manufacture Date, Other Brand Models

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What We Like

  • Ideal for thermometer, watch, led flashlight, car remote and so on
  • Built-in 50mAh capacity that offers long-lasting power
  • Comes with diameter 12mm and height 2.5mm that makes it compatible with various devices


  • may arrive with some dead batteries

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  • What buyers say about 5 Count 3V Lithium CR1225 Battery for Oral Thermometers

    They looked cheap but they work just fine and you should always check your thermometer and readings when you aren't sick to make sure they are working correctly.

    It's not easy to find this type of battery, but I found one that fits in my thermometer.

    The battery in the oral thermometer had stopped working, so we replaced it. The batteries seemed to be okay, but the thermometer was dead.

    I purchased a smilar battery at Walmart, but it was never in stock, or 3xs more expensive, so I would recommend purchasing it via Amazon.

    These are some of the best digital thermometers on the market and they are very easy to use.

    Common Questions


    Will these fit in my suitcase? They were ordered 1.5v and were a tad too large.


    I have a new thermometer and 2 old ones, and they all take different sized batteries, so I would recommend that you look at what is imprinted on the old battery in yours and then search for that information on the internet.


    How much time will the coin button last on the thermometer?


    I used my last coin button a lot and it lasted a long time.


    Do they last a long time as Thermometer?


    They are in oral thermometers, mine have been in for weeks and still going.


    Will I get fresh batteries to last up to 2 years?


    The batteries can be expired.


    What is the expiration date on these if I place an order today?


    The expired date is 12/2025.

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