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(7-Year Warranty) CELEWELL 6 Pack DL1/3N 3V Lithium Battery

The Indicated Capacity, The Highest Actual Capacity, High Capacity, 0.5-1 Year Shelf Life, Celewell Brand Warranty

H&F Rating 389 reviews
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What We Like

  • Ideal for laser sight, cameras, calculators, flashlights, keyless entry devices and so on
  • Advance technology CR1/3N battery ensures no leakage for up to 7 years
  • Dimensions of 10.8mm and 11.6mm makes it suitable for many devices


  • may not be ideal for dog collars

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  • What buyers say about (7-Year Warranty) CELEWELL 6 Pack DL1/3N 3V Lithium Battery

    I put the Celewell batteries in the collar and took note of the orientation of the originals before removing them.

    I don't know if it's always in the holster during awake hours or in a lock box during sleep hours, but I do know that the batteries last about 2 months on average, with no use.

    They arrived a day early and fit perfectly, plus they were cheaper than I would have paid at Batteries Plus.

    The batteries are working in the device I purchased them for, and they are described as being of good quality, but the time frame for their warranty and guarantee is different depending on where you look.

    The batteries should last a long time, and the warranty seems to be a good one if you follow the instructions on the package.

    Common Questions


    Are these batteries the same as 2l76?


    CR 1/3N and CR1128 are the same as 1/3N or CR11108.


    Would you buy the batteries again if you knew how long they would last in your dog collar?


    I buy batteries from the collar manufacturer and they are $20.00 for one, but Amazon has the lowest price of $13.95 for one.


    Will they work for the dog colloars?


    I bought the batteries for my dog's collar and they're working well.


    Why aren't these stacked in a series for a perimeter dog collar?


    They work fine, that's how we use them.


    What is the excact dimensions?


    The measurement is 0.457(diameter) x 0.425(Height) inches.

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