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CELEWELL 10 Pack CR2032 Battery

Lithium Battery Cr2032 Ecr2032 Coins Button Cell, High Capacity Cr2032 Battery Cr2032H Lithium Battery Cr2032 E Cr2032 Coins, Battery Cr2032H, Cord Free Cr2032 Battery Cr2032H

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  • What buyers say about CELEWELL 10 Pack CR2032 Battery

    The batteries were sent with a nice message on the back that reminded customers of the 5 year warranty and a nice note on the envelope that was sent to them thanking them for their purchase.

    The product was fully charged out of the package and the five year warranty is great.

    The batteries arrived quickly and the dog collar is brighter than ever, I won't have to worry about running out of batteries, even though I will probably never get to use all 10 batteries.

    The product is easy to open and slide into, making it a good choice for those who like to use their batteries on tea lights.

    Being able to purchase these in bulk is a plus for us, because we use them in our business everyday.

    Common Questions


    What is the difference between cr 2016 and cr 2016h?


    The difference is capacity, H means high capacity and 20mm diameter and 1.6mm thickness are replaceable.


    Why is it in the headline that it is not for Thermometer?


    I think they're just trying to be helpful, and there must be some sort of thermometer that requires a similar battery, but not this particular battery.


    Are they for digital scales?


    It is the same battery my digital scale uses but I don't know if all scales use the same size battery.


    Do you have a batery charging device for the 2032?


    You can't charge them for other types of batteries.


    Do they last a long time for led lights?


    I don't know what to think after reading other people's reviews, but I will purchase these again.

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