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Duracell - CR2 High Power Lithium Batteries - 2 Count

3.0 Volts High Power Lithium Battery, Long Lasting Power, This Duracell Cr2 Batteries, Duracell Cr2 High Power Lithium Batteries, Lithium Battery, High Power Lithium Battery

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  • What buyers say about Duracell - CR2 High Power Lithium Batteries - 2 Count

    I read the paperwork and was told if I couldn't put the parameters in it was likely a bad battery, but hey it is a 3volt and has 3.13

    I accidentally gave my son the backpacking flashlight, which he loves. He always buys this brand because of it's long life and light weight.

    My watch is powered by this particular battery, since it likes it, and it keeps track of the time.

    Duracell batteries are easy to install and remove, and they last 3-4 months.

    I have been using Duracell for a long time and it is always there for me.

    Common Questions


    I am assuming they are new but what is the expiration date?


    Normally these type of cells are given a 10 year shelf life, which only means that they should still be good and usable up to time, currently I'm still using some that are dated 2013 in triage marker lights.


    What is the rating for the battery?


    It is 780 according to the Duracell website.


    Are these duracell ultra cr2 3v equivqlent to devices and rechargeres that take standard c or d batteries?


    They are very small batteries used for cameras and flashlights.


    Do the batteries work in the first alert smoke detector?


    I purchased several batteries from Costco in early 2013 for the First Alert P1000 model smoke detectors.


    Are the batteries in retail packaging?


    Sometimes they are pictured and listed as 2-pack but what is shipped are two single packs in retail package.

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