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Energizer CR2016 Lithium Battery 3V, 5 Pack

Cr2016 Lithium Battery, Lithium Manganese Dioxide, Typical Capacity, Nominal Voltage: 3.0 Volts, Max Rev Charge: 1 Microampere

H&F Rating 2,114 reviews
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What We Like

  • 3.0 V nominal voltage makes it compatible for various devices
  • Made with lithium and manganese dioxide that helps to improve battery life
  • The battery is operating temperature of -30 to 60 degrees C that allows usage in various conditions


  • may arrive with some dead batteries

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We analyzed 120,232 reviews for 425 products in the 3V Batteries category.

We then analyzed 2,114 reviews for this product. None were recent.

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9.64 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Customer support
  • Easy to install
  • Longevity
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Packaging
  • Quality of material
  • What buyers say about Energizer CR2016 Lithium Battery 3V, 5 Pack

    The batteries in the package work as expected and the price for the 5-pack was the same, so I used 2 from the package and only needed to use one for my car-starter remote.

    If you want to replace a battery, you need to know the dimensions, which are 20mm diameter and 1.6mm height.

    I found the batteries to be good, for a good price, and they read 3.3 V, which is more than the three-volt needed, so it should last longer, and even give the remote on my Toyota Camry a little added range.

    I would definitely recommend getting this and you would have spare parts if you need them, you can not go wrong with this deal.

    Energizer seems to be the best battery for electronics and flashlights, I have never had a bad experience with off name batteries, they always lose power quickly.

    Common Questions


    Are the retail packages showing the "use by" date?


    The package looks similar to the photo above, but mine arrived last week sealed and were all dead even though the use by date was 2025.


    What is the difference between the ECR 2016 and CR 2016 battery?


    I believe they're both identical, after doing a search. Other names: BR 2016, BR 2016, LM 2016 etc.


    Will this work on a 2008 Toyota camry se 3.5 liter v6?


    I don't know about 2008, but this is the battery in the Camry key fob.


    Will the Liftmaster 8550 remote work with a battery?


    You should get a 2032 battery because 8550 has the wrong battery.


    What is the current of the batteries?


    They are 3volts.

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