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LiCB 10 Pack CR2450 Battery 3V Lithium CR 2450

10 Pack Cr2450 Battery 3V Lithium Cr 2450, Other Brand Models, Longer Battery Life, Certified.18 Month Warranty, Exact Fresh Cr2450 Battery

H&F Rating 986 reviews
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What We Like

  • Designed not to Leak in devices during their usage and for up to 3 years after they are left in a device
  • Ideal for remote control, watch, calculator , electronic notebook, thermometer, mobile game
  • Features mercury-free batteries that are safe to use


  • Size may vary

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We analyzed 120,232 reviews for 425 products in the 3V Batteries category.

We then analyzed 986 reviews for this product. None were recent.

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9.43 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Customer support
  • Easy to install
  • Longevity
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Packaging
  • Quality of material
  • What buyers say about LiCB 10 Pack CR2450 Battery 3V Lithium CR 2450

    I bought a second package of CR2450s, but this one lasted just as long as the first one, and had the same price.

    I think they are the most powerful little batteries I have ever used, and they're not only powerful, they're also very easy to open.

    I don't know if the batteries have a manufacturing defect, or if they just don't hold up in the cold for 18 months, but I decided to buy ten packs of them.

    These items were very handy for my wife, who is a bigperson, and she would order again.

    I have to keep batteries on hand for security sensors on all my windows and doors, and these are reasonably priced and work as well as others I have had to pay a lot more for.

    Common Questions


    Does this work for the Comcast/xfinity door sensor?


    I have switched batteries 2 other times and none lasted longer than 3 months.


    Will it work for tea lights?


    If the battery in the tea lights is the same reference, they will work.


    Are they charged?


    No, only NiCad batteries are rechargeable.


    Does the battery work in extreme cold temperatures?


    I don't know the answer, it works in air condition.


    Should Amazon include a manufacturing location as a condition to sell on it?


    Yes, absolutely!

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