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5HTP Supplement | 400mg 180 Capsules | 5-HTP Extra Strength| Non-GMO, Gluten Free by Horbaach

Natural Serotonin Levels, Our 5Htp Supplement, 5 Htp Extra Strength Non Gmo, Gluten Free Formula

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What We Like

  • Features 400mg per quick-release capsule for maximum support
  • Contains naturally occurring substance that helps to support a relaxed mood and normal sleep-patterns
  • Promotes natural serotonin levels that helps with mild, occasional stress and imbalance


  • may cause stomach pain

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We analyzed 39,778 reviews for 92 products in the 5-HTP Nutritional Supplements category.

We then analyzed 122 reviews for this product. Of these, 8 reviews were recent.

Around 62% of reviews were positive and about 37% were negative.

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7.81 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • What buyers say about 5HTP Supplement | 400mg 180 Capsules | 5-HTP Extra Strength| Non-GMO, Gluten Free by Horbaach

    I use this stuff daily for people who aren't very responsive to SSRIs. It helps encourage sleep and only has a slight grogginess when you take it too late and wake up too early.

    My doctor has agreed to try this if you feel you need increased serotonin levels without the side effects of antidepressants.

    Since I take these, I get less night terrors and sleep better at night, and I also don't wake in a panic or in sweats when I deal with some dark dreams.

    I have a unique ability to give an excessive level of attention after suffering from sleep problems for 20 years.

    I am taking it for a week to see how it affects me, and my improvement is great.

    Common Questions


    It's 200mg per capsule, so why do they show it as 400mg, and in tiny writing, per serving?


    The suggestive serving is 2 capsule which would equal 400mg, which is 200mg each capsule.


    Why does your company mix animal ingredient with plant and vegetable inactive ingredients?


    It's easy to look up the differences between gelatin and cellulose, and please continue making it with it.


    Is it manufactured in a certified facility?


    The label honey check mark is certified.


    The label says it's tested in the USA, but where is it made?


    My bottle says's manufactured by Horbaach LLC Melville, NY11747 USA, with a phone number.


    Why is it deception?


    I would call it deception, but I love the stuff.

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