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NatureWise 5-HTP 100mg | Natural Mood & Sleep Support | Curbs Appetite to Support Weight Loss

The Body 'S Natural Sleep Hormone, Vitamin B6 Non G, Naturewise 5 Htp 100 Mg Natural Mood, Sleep Support Curbs Appetite, Healthy Serotonin Levels

Created with Raphaël
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What We Like

  • Infused with vitamin B6 to catalyze the conversion of 5-HTP to serotonin
  • Naturally derived from the seeds of the griffonia plant that makes it safe and healthy to use
  • Contains serotonin that helps in supporting healthy sleep


  • May cause stomach pain

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  • What buyers say about NatureWise 5-HTP 100mg | Natural Mood & Sleep Support | Curbs Appetite to Support Weight Loss

    Solid packaging and small pills, plus B6 which is an agent in converting 5-HTP into serotonin, made this product attractive to me, as well as the fact that it comes in a good dosage and doesn't need to take more than one pill for a serving.

    I have always been a fan of NatureWise products and I was excited to take part in their free promotion. I think this is one of their best products because the results were visible after just a week of use.

    I have been taking these antidepressants for the past two months and they have made a huge difference in the way I feel and sleep at night and during the day.

    I have been using this product for the past few months and it has made a huge difference in my mood and overall well-being.

    I received a call from them immediately after I did, telling me that I'd get a free bottle of this product, but I only gave it a 4 stars because it helped me sleep a little better, but not much with the appetite control.

    Common Questions


    Do they have a strong smell or do they smell bad?


    I didn't notice any smell at all.


    How large is the capsule? I have swallowing issues.


    They are less than an inch and are gel-based for easier swallowing.


    Is it possible that these are extended release?


    The time release formula is 5HTP+.


    Do you take them at night or the morning?


    You can take 5-HTP either in the morning or evening.


    Is this enteric coated?


    NatureWise does not use enteric coating on any of its products.

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