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Purely Optimal Premium 5-HTP Plus Supplement 250mg Max Strength

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  • What buyers say about Purely Optimal Premium 5-HTP Plus Supplement 250mg Max Strength

    I walked over 6500 steps yesterday and am getting stronger every day. The ashwaganda I believe expands blood vessels and helps people with BP problems but the anxiety has been little to none and I am so much more present with my family and kids now.

    I left my usual brand of 5-HTP at home while my brother was on a trip, and ordered this brand which seems a good price and rating overall, and I wasn't disappointed.

    I think the L- Theanine addition is very helpful and I pair it with my melatonin supplement so it's the right amount.

    I am hoping that the increase in serotonin that this causes will make me melatonin more easily, so I can stop taking that supplement.

    I have Hashimotos thyroiditis and this product allows me to relax and sleep, as well as having a better mood and less anxiety.

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