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Peg Perego 6 Volt Replacement Battery for Peg Perego Vehicles

All Current 6V Peg Perego Vehicles, Maintenance Free High Capacity Battery, Sealed

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H&F Rating 176 reviews
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What We Like

  • Features a sealed package that helps prevent the battery from damages
  • Compatible with all current 6V Peg Perego vehicles
  • Comes in pre-screen design that offers maximum safety and efficiency with Peg-Perego vehicles


  • Not suitable with every battery connector

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  • What buyers say about Peg Perego 6 Volt Replacement Battery for Peg Perego Vehicles

    I would not have been able to replace the battery in my tractor if it weren't for Amazon, and I would not have been able to afford to send my grandson to school if it weren't for you.

    My grandson is very happy that his Thomas and Friends Train works perfectly with the Peg Perego 6 Volt rechargeable battery.

    The battery was perfect, it was what we needed to get the train moving again.

    The battery was what we needed to get our Thomas the train moving again. The seller was very pleasant and I was reassured that I wouldn't have to return the extra one.

    The train works like new after we took a chance and got a replacement battery.

    Common Questions


    I don't understand why people choose to buy a "replacement" battery instead of a "regular" battery. It's only $10 more expensive than the rechargable battery.


    The wiring harness and connectors are already attached to the battery.


    Do you have to purchase the charger separately?


    I bought this for the train and all the recharging came with it.


    Is it charged?


    Yes. The Peg Perego 6 volt charger can be charged with the Peg Perego 6 volt charging device.


    If I ordered directly from peg perego, I would get the same battery as the original. I don't know if it's the same battery.


    We have the original Peg Perego brand battery at the link below.


    Can anyone tell me if the battery can be charged?


    I have a recharger for this in my battery operated train.

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