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Bonai Rechargeable 9V Batteries 600mAh High Capacity 9V Rechargeable Batteries

Li Ion Rechargeable 9V Batteries(Pack, ( 4 Pack ) 9 Volt Lithium Batteries For Smoke Alarms Metal, 9V Batteries, Li Ion Batteries, Batteries, Smoke Alarms Metal Detector Etc Long-Lasting & Economical ; Bonai, High Capacity

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  • Common Questions


    Does this fit with a Taylor Guitar?


    I think if a regular 9volt battery fits then this battery should fit.


    Is it possible to leave bonia 9 volt batteries on the charger when not in use?


    They will not accept a charge higher than capacity. The full charge of a Li-ion battery is not the 9 + volts of the non-recharge type but closer to 8.8 +/- vDC.


    Is it possible to use a standard NiMH battery charger with these batteries?


    Sorry, you don't have a Li-ion battery charger to charge these batteries.


    Is the weight for each battery 4 ounces or 6 ounces?


    I weighed all four of them.


    How close is this battery to 9v?


    The real standard battery capacity is 500mah, but it may have some difference as the test device is used.

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