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Duracell - Quantum 9V Alkaline Batteries - long lasting

9 Volt battery, 5 years, Duracell Quantum 9V alkaline batteries, 9V, ( AAA

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What We Like

  • Made with steel and zinc that makes it ideal for garage door openers, smoke detectors and more
  • Comes with a power-check function that helps to instantly check power level
  • Features hi-density core technology that protects the devices from damages


  • may have early expiry date

About Duracell - Quantum 9V Alkaline Batteries - long lasting

Duracell Quantum alkaline batteries are a suitable choice for a range of uses, including game controllers, battery lights, and more. they're available in AA AAA C D 9V Features & Benefits Long-Lasting Power for All Your Needs Durable, long-lasting power for devices such as remote control toys, smoke detectors, or more. With the exclusive power check feature, you can instantly check the power level so you'll trust it to work when you need it the most. Duracell pioneered the Alkaline Manganese Dioxide electrochemical system nearly 40 years ago. Think of it like cooking a meal: Using different ingredients and amounts makes the meal taste different. Batteries should be removed from devices/equipment when: the device is not expected to be in use for several months. The battery is worn out (to prevent possible damage from battery leakage). Only batteries that are specifically labeled rechargeable can be recharged. Store batteries in a dry place at normal room temperature without the contacts touching. Extreme heat or cold reduces battery performance. Avoid putting battery-powered devices in very warm places. In addition, refrigeration is not necessary or recommended.

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  • Common Questions


    What is the good until date?


    The batteries were delivered in June of last year, but they were only 1.5 years away from their expiration date.


    Are the batteries new or are they only a year or two left before they expire?


    The package says it will give 5 years storage, but I use them for my TENS units for much longer.


    Is it possible to use these with a smoke alarm?


    You should be able to use this battery in your smoke alarm.


    Do you know if the batteries are 9 v or d? You have pictures of a 9 v's.


    I didn't include a picture with my review, but I will tell you that the batteries didn't last long.


    What is the age of the batteries?


    There was a filter on the left side of the screen that could be used to look at the expiration date.

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