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ENEGON 9V Direct USB Rechargeable Lithium-ion 650mAh Batteries

Micro Phone, Lithium Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 650Mah Batteries, 2 In 1 Micro Usb Cable

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What We Like

  • Helps charge either 2 batteries simultaneously or 1 battery from any USB power source
  • The batteries can be connected with most USB source like PC, car charger or power bank
  • Made of high-quality material that offers a long-lasting usage


  • The orientation of the port may not be accurate

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  • Common Questions


    One of the batteries has a blue light and the other has a red light. What do you think it means?


    I have not experienced a flashing red but I would expect it to be a sign that something is wrong with the battery.


    Would they work for a safe keypad or items that just sit and hardly get used?


    If you have one 9volt battery and one 9volt battery for each, you can have the other one charging and ready to go when the power goes down in the other one.


    Will these work with an active bass guitar? There isn't a lot of batteries that have a consistent output for bass.


    I can offer some insights from experience, but I can't say from where I've been. Lithium batteries tend to provide fairly consistent voltage through most of their discharge cycle, up until they're mostly out of power.


    Is it possible for the batteries to be charged and discharged simultaneously?


    There are some chargers that can power a device while it is being charged, but I don't know which brand and model they are.


    Is it possible for the battery to be charged from the positive and negative pole rather than the USB connector?


    I don't think it's possible, it uses lithium technology, which means the battery has electronics to control charging.

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