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Powerex Precharged 8.4V Rechargeable Low Self Discharge NiMH Battery (MHR84VP)

300Mah Typical Size, Rechargeable Low Self Discharge Nimh Battery (Mhr84Vp) ; Visit The Powerex Store, Common Li-Ion Battery, Rechargeable Low Self Discharge Nimh Battery

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  • Common Questions


    Where do the batteries come from?


    The battery was shipped from Taiwan on 10/3/2020 and measured 10.3vdc out of the package.


    It can be charged up to hundreds of times according to the website.


    I bought the powerex charger 14 months ago, but I'm down to one that works still because I dropped the other. Don't drop them, they don't work.


    I found a brand that would've been perfect but it's unavailable now. What does the low self discharge mean?


    I bought the Powex because I was interested in 9 v batteries and wanted to know if it was compatible with the Autococker.


    Will they work for the pesty all energy draining spin spa device?


    I don't know what a spin spa is, but I use these in camera flashes and shoot pretty much non-stop for hours if you treat them right.


    Will these work for solar powered garden path lights?


    The battery should work well if the specification is NiMh.

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