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Tenergy 9V Lithium Batteries, 1200mah Non-Rechargeable Batteries

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What We Like

  • Features rounded edges and corners that ensures a perfect fitting in any 9V electronics
  • Built-in high-capacity battery offers enough power to last up to 10-years as a backup battery in ac-powered smoke detectors
  • Comes with low self-discharge that are date stamped for freshness


  • may be slightly oversized

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  • Common Questions


    I need 9v or higher, what voltage do these hold?


    This battery is non-rechargeable. NiMH 9V (rechargeable) or other rechargeable can be rated 8.4.


    Is it possible to use these batteries instead of the regular 9volt in my power recliner?


    We can offer some quick suggestions to determine what type of battery pack is compatible with your model by: 1) Checking with the manufacturer or manual. 2) Check against your original (old) battery that came with the device.


    How do I know if the battery will work in my electronic device?


    I assume you are buying 9V DC Lithium Ion batteries for smoke detectors, and that the Tenergy batteries will fit in a smoke detector, and provide power for up to 10 years.


    not so much a question for the battery but for your old devices?


    Smoke detector life can be as long as 10 years.


    What country are they manufactured in?


    The package says it's made in China.

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