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Tenergy'xa09V NiMH Battery

Lithium-Ion Batteries, High Capacity 250Mah, Tens Unit, Metal Detector, Lithium Chloride Batteries, And More (4 Pack) ; 250Mah'Xa0Rechargeable 9 Volt Batteries, Lithium Ion Batteries

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  • Common Questions


    Is this 9.6 volts or 8.4?


    When fully charged with a Tenergy charger, both batteries read 10.3 volts.


    Where is this manufactured?


    They suck, I advise you to buy regular batteries.


    Do you know the voltage of the batteries? It has to be a multiple of 1.2 volts.


    The batteries pictured as defective were probably rapid charged and unattended causing the swelling over heating and the end result...poof magic blue smoke.


    Is it possible to use it for high draw current applications?


    They don't have a charge for a long time in or out of application, so I keep mine on a charger to stay ready.


    Will they work with the spyder fenix paintball gun?


    Yes, a spyder fenix paintball gun might need a 9v battery.

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