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Allmax AA Maximum Power Alkaline Batteries

Ultra Long Lasting Double A Battery, Maximum Power Alkaline, Double A Battery, Leak Proof Device, Allmax Aa Maximum Power Alkaline Batteries, 10 Shelf Life

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  • What buyers say about Allmax AA Maximum Power Alkaline Batteries

    The batteries I have used are the best I have ever used, and the lights I use are even more vivid and bright than when I use other batteries.

    I have these in a couple of high drain pieces of equipment and they function and last, to me, better than the high priced batteries on the market such as the "bunny" and the "copper top".

    I usually buy Duracell batteries at Costco but when I found these I was pleased with the quality and they last as long as Duracell.

    The reviews were still good, so the 1st off the Allmax AA &AAA batteries were the best deal I could find. This is my 2nd time purchasing this brand and they are well worth it.

    I am very pleased with the product, it is much better than any other bargain batteries I have bought.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible that these will work in the blink cameras?


    They say not to use Alkaline in the blink, but they would work, not as long, and may not work in the cold.


    How do these compare to the ''energizer'' batteries?


    The battery's capacity is determined by how long the battery will last, and performance is determined by the type of electronic device you use.


    Are they Lithium batteries?


    They don't last very long but for the price, I like them for small jobs.


    Can the allmax batt's work well in rc cars?


    If you own a rc car that uses AA alkaline batteries, Allmax AA batteries will work well in it.


    I want to know the capacity of mah for each battery type.


    When installed in a radio, Allmax's D batteries have a capacity of 19,500 mAh and our C batteries have a capacity of 9,120 mAh.

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