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Amazon Basics 16-Pack AA Rechargeable Batteries

Aa Rechargeable Batteries, A Longer Lasting And More Stable Performance, Remote Control Devices, Ideal Battery For Digital Cameras, Charged Up To 1000 Times, Digital Cameras

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  • What buyers say about Amazon Basics 16-Pack AA Rechargeable Batteries

    I haven't had them long but so far they charge quickly and seem to last a bit longer than the duracells I have been using, I will update my review after I have had a little longer with them.

    The Duracell and Rayovac batteries are more expensive than the EBL brand, which can't be installed in 1/3rd of my devices.

    They self-discharge over time, but not much to bother me. If I have time, I top them up in the charger.

    I know Amazon is doing their due diligence on their quality testing, they can easily be differentiated by their outside design, even though they are no longer made in Japan.

    I've used many different kinds of batteries on Amazon and they all have one thing in common: they're better than the cheapest batteries I've ever used.

    Common Questions


    Are the basics black or white?


    The original AmazonBasics batteries came in black wrappers, but they are made in China and have a capacity rating of 2000mAh.


    What is the difference between the "Black" and the "White" AmazonBasics batteries?


    There are now three different versions of AmazonBasics batteries, each with a capacity rating of 2000mAh.


    Do you know what the high capacity is? Isn't it listed as "high capacity" by the buyer?


    It's written in the "bullet point feature list" right below the size/quantity options.


    Do I need to use your charger or my eastshine s2 charger?


    The eastshine S2 batteries are NI-MH.


    Is the AA batteries fatter than the alkaline batteries? I can't use regular eneloops because of size restrictions.


    The Eneloop is slightly larger diameter than the Moultrie M50i game camera, it only fits after trimming the battery pack.

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