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EBL AA Rechargeable Batteries 2800mAh

Best Performance, Such High Volume Power Juice, Constant Voltage, Safety Assurance Ni Mh Eco Friendly, High Capacity, Rechargeable Batteries 2800Mah Ready2Charge Quality Aa Batteries, 1200 Cycle Ebl

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What We Like

  • Provides constant voltage and best performance in heavy load discharge
  • Ultra-strong power for the devices to perform well and operate longer
  • Protects the device from degradation in the progress of charge and discharge


  • Doesn't work in any cat toys

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  • Build quality
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  • Packaging
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about EBL AA Rechargeable Batteries 2800mAh

    If you're expecting to get 2800, change your expectations to the range I got and be surprised if you actually get one at the "rated" number.

    I am giving them a 4 stars because I want honest representation, but I was skeptical about how they hit the advertised capacity as I think all battery providers lie a bit.

    The set up was charged, installed into a flashlight, and worked for 3 hours with a nice and bright headset, and still a lot of power left, so they will last like their other fine products.

    I received them and didn't know they were "Made in China". I guess they finally shifted there for this brand as well.

    If you want to use these for a remote for TV, it will probably work just fine because I tested two of my remotes with no problem tighter than the others, but still fit just fine.

    Common Questions


    What is the ADVERTISED voltage of the batteries?


    The highest capacity NiCad batteries I have seen is 2800 mAh, but it's listed at 1.2 which is a bit more if you test it fresh off a charger.


    Which is better, super capacity or high capacity?


    These EBL AA 2800mAh Rechargeable Batteries are better than anything I've tested before, they fit in tight tolerance devices, have tremendous staying power under load, meet or exceed their claimed specs, and have a free included case to boot!


    Is it possible to use these in garden solar lights?


    If your current batteries are 1.2volt NiMH or 1.2volt NiCd, these are fine.


    Do they work with the enloop AA charger?


    If the resting battery voltage is 1.25VDC, the enloop charger will work with NiCads, NiMh, and some of the newer AA sized Li ion rechargeable batteries.


    What country are the manufacturing locations of these batteries?


    If you have a three battery tray, I recommend using 1 EBL and 2 regular size batteries.

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