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EBL Pack of 16 AA Batteries Rechargeable NiMH 2300mAh Everyday Battery

Ebl Batteries Can Be Recharged Up To 1200 Times When Fully Or Partially Drained, And Are Ideal For Laptops, Cell Phones, And Other Devices That Demand Short Or Long-Term Power.

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  • Common Questions


    Did anyone ever test the actual capacity of these batteries?


    The first test was to charge/discharge/charge at 300 mA.


    How long can the battery last with my eastshine s2 charger?


    To charge new batteries, I would recommend about 12 hours but you will get full-scale indications before that time is up.


    Is the batteries made in China?


    I think most of the batteries I have come from other countries.


    How long does it take to charge?


    It depends on the charger you use, the EBL-920D is a slow one, and can take over 8 hours to charge the batteries.


    Will they work for 10 watt outdoor landscape lighting?


    They are standard aa rechargable batteries and will work in anything that uses AA batteries.

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