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GEILIENERGY Solar Light Batteries AA Size NiCd AA 600mAh

Rechargeable Nicd Batteries, Lifetime, A Standard Rechargeable Household Aa Battery, Its Capacity

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  • What buyers say about GEILIENERGY Solar Light Batteries AA Size NiCd AA 600mAh

    I replaced the batteries for the originals after they were never very bright and I placed them back in the ground on the day I received my package.

    The lights are on but only one of them is working, and light is barely on.

    I used them to replace some of the ones that were damaged in my SOLAR outdoor lights, and so far they have held up well.

    The cycle could be improved due to changes in solar power.

    The NIce product is nice, I received instructions ahead of time to use the most out of batteries, and the set of lights were dying only about an hour after dark.

    Common Questions


    Why isn't shipping shorter?


    I have found that a few things that I have ordered on Amazon came out of China, and it usually takes twice as long to receive them.


    Which is the best charger for Geilienergy solar rechargable batteries?


    Most brand name chargers are designed to be flexible based on the voltage of your AA battery, but just be sure that the manufacturer has provided a spread of voltages that will accommodate the Geilienergy's voltage.


    Isn't the solar light supposed to charge the batteries after they died for a day?


    Most of the batteries did not charge, but the ones that did did would not hold a charge.


    Is it good for a Sony MD Walkman?


    I don't know if I bought these batteries for my solar lights or not, but they look good.


    Can I use these to make my lights brighter if my old battery says 200 mah?


    If your battery is AA, you can use higher capacity batteries to provide more power and last longer for your solar light.

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