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ACDelco AA and AAA 200-Count Combo Pack Super Alkaline Batteries

50 Creek Creek Batteries, 100 Creek Batteries, 50 Creek Batteries, 100 Aa & 100 Aaa Batteries: Combo-Pack 200 Total Batteries Includes 100 Aa And 100 Aaa

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  • Common Questions


    I wonder if they can be charged.


    It is not practical to rule that entropy can not be reversed, however it is possible to see it happening as we move backwards in time. When you can go backwards in time these batteries will be charging instead of discharging.


    Has anyone had a problem with leaking batteries?


    I've bought them several times, but I haven't done it yet.


    Why did I only receive one set of aa batteries?


    It can sometimes be confusing to choose the size and quantity of your package.


    Where are these manufactured?


    I will not buy those again because they are not functional when you purchase them.


    Is this product good to use?


    They lasted 6 months last year, but this year they only lasted one month.

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