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Amazon Basics 24 Count AA & AAA High-Performance Batteries Value Pack

Double Aa Batteries, 24 Count Aa & Aaa High Performance Batteries Value Pack, 12 Double Aa Batteries, Discharge Protection, Aaa High Performance Batteries, High Capacity, High Performance 1.5 Volt Alkaline Batteries

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  • Common Questions


    Can you please tell me how much power these store?


    It is not possible to standardize the power in mAh across all applications, which is why alkaline primary batteries are not rated by capacity in mAh.


    What is the difference between these "performance" batteries and basic Amazon Basics?


    My sons tested Duracell from Costco, Amazon basics and moist recently the white and grey industrial batteries in their xbox controllers, they all got the same amount of use, they do play 24/7.


    Is China the same as the Maxell?


    I ordered 26 products from Amazon and they all came from China.


    Is it a good idea to leak?


    The consensus is in, i do believe, and that is why you should buy the Amazon batteries.


    Are the batteries shrink wrapped in packs of four or they are loose in the box?


    Shrimp are wrapped in a resealable box.

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