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Amazon Basics 24-Pack AAA High-Capacity 850 mAh Rechargeable Batteries

Aaa High Capacity 850 Mah, Pre Charged, Reliable, Powerful & Reliable, Powerful, 24 Pack Aaa Rechargeable High Capacity Batteries, Compatibility, Aaa High Capacity 850 Mah Rechargeable Batteries

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  • Common Questions


    What is the difference between the AmazonBasics "black" label and the "white" label?


    The white version is made in Japan and the black version is made in China.


    If it's charged at 1a with eastshine s2 charger will it be hot?


    I checked the IR of the 2000mah cells and found that it was.5 C, which was very important for RC on road and off road car and truck guys who used to match cells.


    Isn't the 800 mAh standard the reason for these being "high capacity"?


    It depends on if you're talking about the AA or the AAA type, the AmazonBasics AA High-Capacity cells that I just bought are rated 2400mAh, and I've found them to be in the actual range of 2385 - 2470mAh.


    What is the difference between the standard black and the white batteries?


    I'm not sure if color indicates anything anymore as Amazon just keeps changing it up.


    What type of charger would you recommend?


    I use an energizer charger that works well.

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