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Duracell AAAA 1.5V Ultra Photo Alkaline Batteries

A Wide Range Of Devices, Glucose And Blood Monitors, Lithium Ion Technology, 1.5V Ultra Photo Alkaline Batteries, Battery Long-Lasting For Cameras, Aaaa 1.5 Volt Alkaline Battery

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  • Common Questions


    The price of 1.85 per is less than the price of 12 batteries. Which one is it?


    I bought this in Jan of 2022. It says "Duracell - Ultra Photo AAAA Alkaline Batteries - Long Lasting, 1.5 Volt Specialty Battery for Household and Business - 2 Count", and I got a pack of 6 of 2cts, so total of 12 batteries for $4.95.


    Does these work with a microsoft mouse?


    I don't own a Microsoft mouse but I do have a Logitech one.


    Is the battery used in a triplex clamp on meter?


    I would suggest reading the literature on the meter, it has its own specifics.


    What is the expiry date on the batteries?


    I put one battery into my stylus and it is as strong as can be.


    It is not prime 2 day for my order, so why is it listed as prime shipping?


    I received a set with prime shipping but it wasn't until December 24th that they arrived.

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