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EBL 808U Battery Charger with 8 Counts AAA Battery Rechargeable NiMH 1100mAh

2 Usb Fast Charging Port, 8 Slot Aaa Batteries Charger, 8 Counts Aaa Battery Rechargeable Nimh 1100Mah

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What We Like

  • Equipped with 2 USB port for charging the phone, tablet or other USB devices
  • Features 4 LED light that shows the charging process
  • Comes with voltage detection that automatically stops charging when voltage is up to 3.4V


  • Indicator light may be missing

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  • What buyers say about EBL 808U Battery Charger with 8 Counts AAA Battery Rechargeable NiMH 1100mAh

    I have theAAA and wow, are these great for remote controls, flash light, and other items that require triple A, no more of buying batteries, just set the battery in the charger and wow you.

    You can charge 8 at a time if you have 2 older 4 battery chargers, which is perfect for keeping the Wii controllers ready to play.

    The EBLs Cadillac black charger only accepts AA batteries and does not provide a connection for smaller batteries, such as 16340 3.7vdc.

    I bought this with the 8 AA and 8AAA packs both of which are charged through the unit, and the battery life is great, and between the game controls and kids toys these definitely save me some big bucks on buying disposable.

    The batteries and charger have worked well so far, but only have been charged once, so if the hold up was good and the price was good, then the batteries will buy again, even though they have only been charged once.

    Common Questions


    Does the unit make a noise when it's finished or when a battery is put in it?


    I have been using my unit and it does not make any noise, there are lights that change color to indicate the batteries are charged, and the same unit can charge AA orAAA.


    The charging lights on my unit won't turn on, and the charging device makes a loud noise when plugged in.


    My charger doesn't work very well, it takes a long time to charge batteries and they don't stay charged very long.


    Is it necessary to fully discharge the battery before charging?


    I use Ds in my old school radio and when they lose power, I charge them.


    Is it certified by the UL?


    No, it has a ETL certificate.


    Is it possible that it can charge only three batteries?


    They need to be matched up, 2/4/6/8 cells.

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