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EBL Battery Charger with AA AAA Batteries

The 4 Slot Battery Charger, High Capacity Battery Combo, 2 Usb Fast Charging Port, Rechargeable Batteries Nimh Rechargeable Batteries, 8Bay Battery Charger

H&F Rating 196 reviews
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What We Like

  • Comes in a battery storage case that ensures protection
  • Features 2 USB fast charging port that allows to charge various devices
  • Equipped with voltage detection that automatically stop charging when voltage is up to 3.4V


  • may take too long time to charge

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  • What buyers say about EBL Battery Charger with AA AAA Batteries

    The batteries will be green when they are done charging. I am really impressed with how well it works and am using the batteries for a number of different things, my tv remote being the main one.

    I use these batteries in my camera, which is a power hog, so I am okay with having to charge them before each use, if you may be caught off guard by them being empty when you need them.

    I am happy with my purchase so far, but I can't say if it will last or not but I am hopeful that it will continue to work as it does so far.

    The EBL Rechargeable Batteries with Charger is a great battery charger that works well and you should try it if you are looking for a good one.

    The slot underneath that allows you to easily remove the batteries is nice, as is the fact that the two usb outlets are powered by a single cable.

    Common Questions


    Are they fully charged?


    They don't stay fully charged if you leave them off the charger, and they only last about 10 days in a mouse or apple track pad.


    What type of batteries are used in led solar out door lights?


    I was having a hard time with solar batteries leaking and not lasting very long so after some researching I started using rechargeable nimh batteries and haven't had to replace any yet.


    Is it possible to use a different brand of battery attery on this charger?


    I have used other brand rechargeables and they have not had a problem.


    How much time can a battery be charged before it's no longer functional?


    No idea, I have had several times to charge them but they seem to be holding up well.


    The last charging light in the far left has a yellow tint, whereas the others are a solid orange.


    My is the same way, but doesn't affect the charging.

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