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Energizer AAA Lithium Batteries, Ultimate Lithium Triple A Battery (12 Count)

Leak Proof Construction, Ultimate Lithium Triple A Battery, High Tech Devices, 12 Aaa Batteries, The Longest Lasting Aaa Battery

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  • Common Questions


    I don't know why the batteries get hot when I charge them.


    If you use a charger that can charge LITHIUM batteries, you can even charge them even if they don't say they are rechargeable.


    Are the batteries for the every day hallway light motion detector rechargeable?


    Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries can be used in an AAA-powered motion detector, but they must be thrown away when used up, and keeping your motion detector powered with these would be expensive.


    How many mah are in the aaa battery?


    For any further information you can reach out to us at Energizer at [email protected] or call us at 800-383-7323.


    Are the batteries rechargeable?


    They are not meant to be, and you should know what you're doing before using a regular charger or using a lithium one.


    The description says alkaline.


    I will now buy the cheapest no name brand of batteries. The email I received was rude and uncalled for, and more than half the batteries in the package were bad.

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