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Beano Food Enzyme Dietary Supplement

Helps Prevent Gas, Soothe And Discomfort From Harder To Digest, Healthy Gas Causing Foods

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We analyzed 21,263 reviews for 98 products in the Abdominal Gas Relief category.

We then analyzed 329 reviews for this product. Of these, 76 reviews were recent.

Around 64% of reviews were positive and about 28% were negative.

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8.51 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • What buyers say about Beano Food Enzyme Dietary Supplement

    I recommend taking a 3rd tablet at the end of the meal if I think it's a large meal, because my stomach appears less bloated in the morning, and I'm guessing that means other food items were giving me gas.

    Theyre a real lifesaver and if you're struggling with a plant-based diet, definitely give them a try.

    They don't taste great, but they are effective and I don't get any gas when I throw food at them.

    I decided to give Beano a try, even though I really wish they would re-brand and name it something less obvious.

    Our dog was no longer afraid of me because our kitchen no longer needed Febreeze.

    Common Questions


    Is this vegan?


    I am not an expert on beano so you would have to go straight to the source, but from what I understand beano has fish gelatin which I believe is aProtein product produced by partial hydrolysis of the collagen rich fish scale material.


    Which animal is the source of the gelatin since this is not vegan?


    The Beano product does not contain gelatin, it does contain cellulose gel.


    Is the gelatin made from pig's mouth?


    I agree with Holly, porcine (pork) gelatin is cheaper, but they usually specify bovine or fish sources for better marketing.


    Is this free of gluten?


    I have been taking beans for a long time and they have great gas relief results.


    If I buy them from NYHealthBeauty on October 20th, what is the expiration date?


    I can't say anything about the expiration date because it's different from one manufactured batches of Beano to another.

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