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Gaia Herbs Gas & Bloating Supplement, Vegan Capsules, 50 count

Gaia Herbs Gas, 50 Count , Gas Relief Tablets, A Proprietary Herb Blend, Natural Relief, Only Non Gmo Ingredients

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We analyzed 21,263 reviews for 98 products in the Abdominal Gas Relief category.

We then analyzed 218 reviews for this product. None were recent.

Around 75% of reviews were positive and about 22% were negative.

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8.16 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • What buyers say about Gaia Herbs Gas & Bloating Supplement, Vegan Capsules, 50 count

    I have tried many other vitamins and supplements but this one is really good for my Gas and Bloating problem, you have to take two tablets a day, but it will kick in within hours.

    I have suffered from Irritable gut Syndrome for more than seven years and this product is the only one that helps me sleep at night.

    I have found that it takes care of most gas/gastric problems in a short time, which is why I prefer the product over taking medication.

    I find that this helps when I'm bloated and it takes about 20 minutes to get relief.

    I have been very bloated and gassy for a few weeks now, but I bought these and within a few hours they were helping me a lot.

    Common Questions


    Can the activated charcoal properties absorb vitamins and minerals from your food?


    I haven't used this product, but I have used activated charcoal, which will absorb anything within your digestive tract, so this is my personal recommendation.


    What's the shelf life like for this?


    The bottle will have an expiration date printed on it, but it depends on what is shipping out.


    Are the capsule liquid or powder?


    There is powder in a capsule.


    What is the difference between frustration packing and standard packing?


    The package was delivered in a huge box with two large boxes each with a tiny bottle inside.


    Do the pills have caffeine in them?


    Cumin seed, Organic Chamomile flower-freeze dried extract, Star Anise seed, Organic Lemon Balm leaf freeze-dried extract, Caraway seed, Fennel seed essential oil,Peppermint leaf essential oil, and Marjoram leaf essential oil are some of the other ingredients.

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