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Tummy Calm Gas Relief Drops, Homeopathic for Children, 2 Fl Oz

Its Breakthrough Formula, Tummy Calm Children 'S Gas Relief Drops, All Natural Active Ingredients, Helps Soothe Delicate Digestive Systems

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  • What buyers say about Tummy Calm Gas Relief Drops, Homeopathic for Children, 2 Fl Oz

    I divided the recommended daily amount into smaller amounts so that he could have it with each feeding to help reduce gas.

    She likes the flavor but beware because it can stain clothes, not as much as the original Gripe Water from Colic Calm.

    I have read some peoples reviews that say The Tummy Calm works, but it doesn't work for me. There are nights where it works very well and seems to get rid of his gas pretty quickly, but other nights it doesnt seem to help at all.

    The tummy clam was the solution in my case, because it helped a lot with the cuddling and monkey grip.

    I put it in his bottles for each feeding so he could have it to help reduce gas.

    Common Questions


    What is it made out of?


    I'll list the natural stuff.


    What is the active ingredient in this?


    It is possible that the result of the above could be that the next president will be a woman.


    How many times a week do you have the ability to safely administer to the infant?


    For those over 20 lbs., the maximum in 24 hours is 1/2 teaspoon ( 2.5mL) 4 X per day.


    Is there a difference between tummy calm and colic calm?


    It is helpful to introduce new foods to infants and toddlers during the course of Tummy Calm's use.The homeopathies in Tummy Calm have been incorporated specifically to relieve gas, bloating and upset tummy.


    The product description states 5.6 ounces, but the volume is 2 ounces. What is the average weight of the shipped product?


    The package will weigh in at 5.6 ounces and include the bottle, syringe, inserts, and the box.

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