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Century Drill and Tool 76221 Coarse Drill Cup Wire Brush

Coarse Drill Cup Wire Brush, Rust Paint, Weld Spatter, All Types

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  • What buyers say about Century Drill and Tool 76221 Coarse Drill Cup Wire Brush

    It's even better to have a buff wheel because you don't have to do it by hand, and you can use a drill or air tool with the right adapter.

    The round shaft drive wire brush is what makes this a good cleaning tool, because every chuck on every drill can grip it tight enough to serve it's cleaning purpose.

    I decided it was time to start over because there was a lot of build up. I used the brush I bought to do the job, and it was much easier than using steel wool.

    The Century Wire brush is a high quality product and I'm certain I'll get a lot of service from it in the future.

    It seems like a well made brush, and it was quick and easy to remove rust and paint off of a piece of steel sheet metal that I am working on.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible that it will remove rust from a boat bottom?


    I use it to clean a spot on my welder ground clamp.


    Is it safe for chrome- plated Weber grill grates?


    I would use something a bit less course than this.


    Is it possible to use these for a coarse clean before polishing aluminum?


    However, we would recommend a fine brush as aluminum is very soft and a coarse brush will remove surface very quickly.


    Which would be the better coarse or fine brush for cleaning mortar off old porous bricks?


    I think it's coarse.


    Can this brush be used to clean my grill grate?


    It could leave a stray white in its wake, so be careful.

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