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Forney 72729 Wire Cup Brush, Coarse Crimped

Hex Wire Size, Pneumatic (Air) Drills, Dirt, Any 1/4" Diameter Electric Power Drill

H&F Rating 231 reviews
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We analyzed 1,759 reviews for 14 products in the Abrasive Cup Brushes category.

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9.69 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • Overall satisfaction
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  • What buyers say about Forney 72729 Wire Cup Brush, Coarse Crimped

    I've used several Forney wire brushes over the years and they've never disappointed me.

    I have had several wire brushes over the years and they have always been good to me. I used the one I got to clean the dirt and rust from the cast iron table saw top.

    It's very handy when used with my Milwaukee Fuel impact driver, as it cleans up the brake hardware and wheel hubs on my car, plus some rusty garden tools that were left out in the rain.

    I have been happy with the quality and longevity of the Forney made wheels and this is no exception. I use it in my power drill for welding surface prep.

    The shape of the handheld wire brushes makes them hard to get into some small areas. Still plenty of life left in the bristles after cleaning a few items.

    Common Questions


    What kind of metal is used to make the bristles?


    The bristles on this 72729 cup brush are made from low carbon steel.


    Can this be used to clean the drain part of a toilet bowl?


    No, it will scratch the finish on the porcelain.


    Would it work on cleaning up today's pickup?


    It should work just fine on cleaning up today. I expect tomorrow or the next day will work just as well.


    Is it possible to use it to remove old finish from a wood front door?


    I don't recommend this for use on wood as it is a wire brush and will damage the wood.


    Is it possible to clean disc brake with this?


    I used this brush to save some large tools that had rusted due to damp weather.

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