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Forney 72757 Wire Cup Brush, Knotted

The Wire Cup Brush, 2-3/4-Inch-By-020-Inch, Ideal For Heavy Duty Cleaning Of Large Metal Surfaces And Edge Blending, Knotted With 5/8-Inch-11 Threaded Arbor

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  • What buyers say about Forney 72757 Wire Cup Brush, Knotted

    The cup is made for the price and works well in my grinder to remove rust scale from metal panels.

    The bristles wore down to nubs at the end, which is the real reason I am buying another one.

    I bought these to clean the rust off my plow frame, but they don't fit my Milwaukee grinder, so I need to buy a special adapter, and it's great, but I don't like how the wire brush fans out increasing its size by a half inch or more

    The cup is great because it blasts through the muck quickly and easily, and it is easy to clean, as I am using it to remove paint and rust on a vehicle frame.

    I wore a sweatshirt with wires covering it for an hour on this Forney and no sign of wear or failure. Ive got over an hour on this Forney and no sign of wear or failure.

    Common Questions


    Will the forney 72757 wire cup brush fit on a 4.5 inch hand grinder?


    I think so; mine's a 4.5" Skill angle grinder, fits 5/8" shaft, interchanges with 7/8" arbor kit the tool came with needed to use the grinding blade, so they can sell.


    Is it possible to use this to clean moss off a clay tile roof?


    I wouldn't use the Forney wire cup brush for clay or terracotta because it can cause damage to the tiles.


    Is it either carbon steel or stainless steel bristles?


    The Forney 72757 wire cup brush has bristles made of carbon steel.


    I don't know if you need the inner and outer flange nuts for safety or if this cup takes too much space.


    The biggest problem with this and all brushes that thread onto a 5/8 arbor is that most 15/16ths wrench are too thick to slip in around the nut. I solved the problem by cutting a piece of 1/4" thick 1-1/2" steel bar, cutting a 15/16" slot and welding it to the


    I don't know if I can use this with my drill or if I need other parts.


    I don't think you will be able to without purchasing another "adapter" this threads onto the shaft of the grinder.

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