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Wire Wheel Cup Brush Set, Coarse Crimped Carbon Steel

72A High Carbon Steel Wire, A Suitable Wire Brush, Hand Wood Materials, Rising Crimped Wire Curvature, Wire Wheel Cup Brush Set

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  • What buyers say about Wire Wheel Cup Brush Set, Coarse Crimped Carbon Steel

    I thought it should have had a tool attachment but for my purpose it wasn't necessary and it helped when it got caught on something.

    The things fit my drill and can easily be used as mini edge grinder.

    The low price made them ideal for caked up paint on a heating grill cover. The brush fell apart, but there was no problem with the wires coming off.

    They did a great job and were very cheap, I used them to strip the paint off of a Jerry can I bought a couple of weeks ago.

    I was busy checking and clicked on the item but didn't check if it was actually for a Dremel.

    Common Questions


    Will they work with an air grinder?


    The full faced safety shield is needed for air grinder users because the wire can come loose and fall in clothing and skin.If you use them with caution, you could use them, but remember that the wire can come loose and fall in clothing and skin.


    Is it a good idea to take paint off cement steps?


    I used these to take paint off metal patio furniture and they worked great, I didn't try them on cement.


    Is it possible to use these to smooth out bumpy concrete?


    The brush can work if the concrete is smooth, but the lifetime of the wire depends on the hardness of the concrete.


    Do they work for cleaning inside the fireplace?


    I used these to clean patio furniture that was cast iron.


    I'm not sure if steel wool would work as well on these shower walls.


    I would look into a scotch brite pad that would fit in a drill, I believe 3m makes a bunch of different kinds.

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